In the Press!


At the start of the summer I stumbled upon a post on Facebook asking for businesses based in the Andover and Basingstoke area who might be interested in featuring in their magazine. I thought, why not and added some details about my website. I wasn’t really sure if anything would come of it, but I guessed there was no harm in trying. 

A few weeks later, an email landed in my inbox asking if I was still interested, of course I said yes! So later that week Miranda gave me a call. I must admit, I was slightly nervous at this point, I’ve never been interviewed for anything in my life and had no idea what I would be required to talk about! Obviously it was going to be focused on Pilates, but from what point of view? 

On reflection it was a great experience and allowed me to talk to someone who had no background in Pilates about the huge benefits of it. If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know already that I’m really passionate about the positive aspects Pilates can bring to you. It’s not just an exercise regime but essentially a way of life. It’s something I love and I enjoy doing, but it’s more than that as it helps me keep my body moving and functioning in the way that it is supposed to. When I’m out walking, sitting watching the television or picking up a heavy load, it makes me think, how am I holding myself, am I supporting my back correctly, am I using my core?

Miranda was keen to talk about me and my family too. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen how much the girls enjoying practicing Pilates with me and since my eldest started school last year, something that I’ve noticed more than ever is how her posture has changed. Down the line, that is an avenue I’d be interested in looking at further. Pilates is available for children, but classes are few and far between. Not only will Pilates help improve a child’s posture, but as with us all it will help with their core strength, which is all so important. Good core strength will not only allow them to support themselves correctly when writing, but among other things it will also give them the strength they need when practicing sports. Who else thinks Pilates should be part of the sports curriculum in schools?

For now I’m going to enjoy the fact that my girls like to have a go a doing some ‘Pilates with Mummy’ and even Daddy when he’s around, and hopefully that will help them and their bodies in the future. 

If you’re interested in seeing the article about me and Pilates, then grab yourself a copy of North Hampshire Living Magazine.