Happy Pilates Day/Why should you start your Pilates journey?

So today is Pilates Day, which is an opportunity to celebrate everything Joseph Pilates brought to the world. This got me thinking about Pilates itself. As I've talked about before, I've found it one of the most useful things I've done, not only has Pilates helped with back pain I have experienced in the past, it has also kept me toned and massively increased my strength. All in all, for me it has been a great body conditioner. I absolutely love it and I'm really enjoying teaching all my new clients. Teaching is in my blood, both my mother and sister, are teachers and although I enjoyed my time teaching in schools, what I love most about teaching Pilates is that I can really see the physical differences I'm making to both myself and others. I'm three weeks into teaching my small group classes and already clients have commented on how good they feel afterwards and how much they are enjoying them. I love feedback, good or bad, because it helps me develop my teaching. But when a client tells you the difference Pilates has made to them, I can't help but smile. I have taught some fantastic clients over the past six months, they have really helped me develop and I'm hoping that this will continue, because as I'm sure you all know 'every day is a school day!'

So if you haven't had the opportunity to embark on your Pilates journey yet, then please do consider it. I promise you won't regret it! In order to give you a little taster I've created the video below, because I think for some people it is the 1:1 that really puts them off. As I explain to all my clients, the initial 1:1 is really important, it is my opportunity to meet you and for you to get to know me a little better. What I'll be doing is assessing you, this isn't as scary as it sounds! I'll be looking at your posture and discussing with you any musculoskeletal problems or issues that you may have. I'll then get you set up in the rest position and talk to you about your deep abdominals, the 'core', what it does and how it is important, we'll then move onto learning to switch it on. Finally we'll have a go at some exercises, starting simply and building it up. If you've done Pilates before this is my opportunity to see what you can do and how much you'll need challenging in my classes. Depending on you, your past experience and what you are able to do, I may also get you working in some double table top positions. From there, we can they work out which class will suit you best or whether for the moment a few 1:1 sessions might be better. 

Pilates really is for life, it changes the whole outlook you have on your body, making you more aware if it's capabilities and giving you the best opportunity to keep it working as it should.